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Thanks to years of rigorous beta testing, critical feedback and insights provided by industry subject matter experts, NoteActive introduces a revolutionary digital logging platform.

Our digital logging platform is mobile, dynamic, scalable, integrated and secure.

Log, capture, manage and analyze all typed, script, swiped or voice recognized entries more effectively.
  • Captures and analyzes all typed, script, swiped or voice recognized data elements.
  • Accelerates the entire logging process while complying to industry regulations.
  • Minimizes risk of missing any key alerts (for example, assignment updates, task completion, incidents, deliveries, etc.) through SMS and e-mail alerts.
  • Minimizes legal exposure with real-time task creation, assignment and completion notification tools.
  • Accesses key information faster through an at-a-glance daily dashboard, which helps support management decision-making and assists in monitoring progress.
  • Accesses actual logged entries on any mobile device from anywhere in real-time through a document repository that features a full-text search.
  • Ensures secure access is only granted by password, personal identification number (PIN), as well as biometric fingerprint from assigned users, fortifying overall security measures.

Start solving your most common logging and documentation challenges in minutes.

NoteActive helps you make improved decisions and manage your work environments more effectively and in real-time.
  • Makes being informed in real-time is easy with NoteActive’s streamlined user-friendly interface.
  • Provides automated tasks and reminders of key information regarding logged data (i.e., general notifications such as task completion, appointments, incidents, etc.).
  • Alerts you via email or text of important to events, activities, appointments or risk management issues.
  • Provides dashboard analytics, assessment and categorization tools.
  • Provides support for recurring schedules and initiates proactive email alerts.
  • Ensures all information within a robust catalog of reports is easily accessible.
  • Provides peace-of-mind security with our encrypted technology.
  • Customizes easily with options tailored to your specific needs.

How can NoteActive help my business?

Implementing NoteActive within your organization gives you the power to:
  • Input of all data via type-to-text, script-to-text and swipe-to-text, talk-to-text.
  • Remote access to the digital platform from any computer or mobile device.
  • Instant notification of tasks assignment and completion, appointments, incidents, exercises/drills, etc.
  • Real-time process of raw data that produces instant metrics that powers more effective decision-making.
  • Instant access to data quickly and easily via the NoteActive dashboard.
  • Summarize and segment data immediately.
  • Manage time sensitive duties, tasks, assignment and appointments.
  • Avoid liability issues and litigation due to failures to monitor critical operational requirements.

Mitigating Risk

With NoteActive digital logging software, organizations mitigate risk by ensuring that details of risk-bearing duties are visible, monitored and accessible to the appropriate users.

Through automated tasks notification reporting, management is assured that if risks exist, you will be brought to the forefront of decision-making rather than slipping by undetected. NoteActive provides the potential to significantly reduce your organization’s exposure to non-compliance, violation of practice and litigation due to negligent monitoring practices.

Thinking of Going from Paper to Digital?
You're Not Alone... Did you know?

  • Platform As a Service (PaaS)
    Public Service (77%) expects organizations agree that their organizations will move toward real-time platforms and systems as enterprises adopt mobility and Internet of Things solutions.
  • Using or Experimenting with PaaS Today
    More than half (60%) of public service leaders are embracing Platform as a Service (PaaS) within their organizations.

To stay competitive in your industry, a comprehensive digital intelligence and analytics platform are a must-have.