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    Mobile Workforce
    Integrate tablet devices into your business processes, field services, and off-site operations.
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    Enter your data on the front end on an open platform and categorize, report, manage and analyze on the backend, all in real-time.
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    Use of smartphones paired with NoteActive digital logging software promotes mobile productivity and access to critical business information.
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    NoteActive wearable technology and mobile smartwatch devices team up to increase accountability and geo-location task creation, notification and completion.

It's time to go paperless.

Toss away those old paper logbooks because we’ve made them completely obsolete.

NoteActive uses innovative mobile computer devices and data management software to accelerate the capture of raw data that produces business intelligence and analytics to helps customers make better decisions faster.

Get logged into business.

NoteActive takes hand-written information from traditional logbooks and digitizes it so you can easily search, share, and capture your logged information in real-time on computers, laptops, and smart devices... anywhere.

Get logged into accountability.

Our liability reduction tools provide real-time interaction with your data for increased knowledge of operations information and risk management issues to help you manage accountability and take action immediately wherever you are.

Get logged into analytics.

Real-time interaction with your data increases your knowledge of program and operations information, risk management issues and affords the ability to manage your goals accordingly. NoteActive helps you stay logged in.

  • Analytics for all your archived & warehoused data.
  • Dashboard for your live statistics.