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Business Intelligence

NoteActive is about looking ahead.

Organizations expect real-time solutions as enterprises collectively share 'Business Intelligence' through mobility and Internet of Things (IoT).

Our digitization advances the speed of workplace communication, information capture, sharing, search and analysis in real-time.

Secure Data

Our web application uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. When the logbook user enters an SSL-protected area of our website, the SSL certificate automatically creates an encrypted connection with the visitor's browser. Our data transmission on SSL uses SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption to prevent and stop hackers.

Our user level permission is fully customizable. The passwords stored in the server are fully encrypted. Each account has five levels of access available for users: Viewer, Author, Manager, Admin, and Owner. The administrator can assign specific user levels permission and also remove the access level permission.

Cloud Infrastructure

NoteActive operates on the largest cloud-connected logbook platform (cloud-computing platform) network in the world. Our cloud-connected logbook platform provides remote accessibility and increases connectivity of users from any computer or smart phone device anywhere in real-time.

We utilize certified cloud services such as Azure, AWS, and others that have proven to be environmentally friendly and certified by both federal and local agencies. We do not require servers, storage and archiving to be at your location. The efficiencies of data centers in the cloud ensure that we pass those environmental benefits to you and eliminate and reduce energy consumption that would otherwise be required for storage and retrieval.

Green Technology

We eliminate paper waste by eliminating paper notebooks completely. We eliminate waste by eliminating loss due to wear and tear on paper notebooks. We can reduce travel and physical presence for managers, administrators and auditors since we provide real-time, archived, and on-demand data from our application anywhere anytime.

We also have certified green tablets and hardware available. We work closely to ensure that we provide our clients with a range of options to fit their needs. We utilize 4G access as well so that if your location doesn’t have wireless or wired networks, we don’t bring additional environmental impact to your facilities. All our hardware is energy efficient and certified.

Smart Analytics

We understand that managing data using antiquated methods can be extremely challenging. Our platform provides real-time metrics, analytics and reporting per facility on-demand, daily, weekly, monthly or annually enabling on-demand audits.

Our digitized platform transitions your organization from common hand-written logbook entries with pen and paper to an electronic and enterprise dashboard with intelligent grouping, filters and real-time keyword search, statistics and analytics.

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